French Marans Club Australia

                                           2010/2011 Office holders

                                                                                President D Hancox

                                                                               Secretary P Rogers

                                                                               Public Officer A Vardy

                                                                               Treasurer R Muscarella

                                                                                Newsletter Editor S Pitkin

                  Due to study loads Sigrid is only able to commit to producing the Club's newsletter.

                  Paul has volunteered to undertake the Secretary's duties for the rest of the year.

                                                                    The Contacts page has been updated.



                                                                    Inaugural Marans Show

                                                                  Sunday the 20th of June at Yass  NSW 

                                                                 Judge:- Bruce Pattinson, EPA of NSW

                                                                 Total of 26 entries

                                                                 Cock - No entries

                                                                Hens - 2

                                                                First              R Muscarella

                                                                Second         R Muscarella

                                                               Cockerels - 8

                                                              First               S Maurer 

                                                              Second          R Muscarella

                                                             Third              N Lynch

                                                             Pullets - 9

                                                             First                 P Rogers

                                                             Second            P Rogers

                                                            Third                S Maurer


                                                            Eggs - 6          

                                                            First                  D Hancox   

                                                            Second            D Hancox

                                                            Third               P Rogers

                                                            Eggs (Posted) - 1

                                                            First                          A Dring


                                                           Champion              P Rogers (Pullet)

                                                           Reserve                   P Rogers (Pullet)

                                                          Opposite Sex          S Maurer (Cockerel)

                                                          Champion Eggs     D Hancox

                                                    Victorian Rare & New Breeds Show

                                                      Show August 21st 2010,Judge George Norman

                                                     Total entries 6

                                                     Champion Marans & Reserve Champion New Breed

                                                     a cockerel exhibited by P Rogers



                                                                                    For Sale and Wanted













                                         For inclusion of your needs, please contact the Secretary or President

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